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Quickly and easily communicate ideas with anyone with a browser, using your iPad. Fire up the app, send anyone a link, and they can see exactly what you are doing on the screen. Do a slide show, draw directly on the screen or highlight text, quickly and easily. The app is now available from the […]

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  • Simply city, now with fire

    17 Apr 2017

    One of the interesting aspects of the original Simcity game where the disasters that randomly affected your city. I have started with one of these more interesting ones, fire. Fire is great, because it can spread very quickly and is devastating. Even a small fire can really affect your city if it took out some […]

  • Simple City coming along, now with city stats

    16 Apr 2017

    To run a successful city, you need to get your hands dirty. And that means city statistics. You can’t have too many, so I have made a start on the stats. We will keep historic data on stuff such as population, crime, pollution and power use. The all important unemployment rate is there, this will […]

  • Simple City is out soon

    15 Apr 2017

    Started work on a new game, a clone of Simcity v1. This is the old 2d version, the very first version that came out on the PC. Getting the graphics and UI working was the easy bit, and you can see the progress after just a few days in this screen shot. So far, you […]