Melbourne Trams: got an email from olgasiPad2

Tram 19Only shows route / times to Coburg.I want city times and trams. No option to change this.
Now here is a problem with how melbourne trams are set up. Most people might think of tram stop 56 as one stop, when it is actually 2 stops, one going to somewhere, and one coming from the same place. This is how melbourne trams are set up, very different to train stations. And when you check the time forĀ  the nearest number 19 stop, it may only support lines going to North Coburg. You need to find the next nearest one, and sometimes the 2nd next nearest one to find the stop going to the city.

Melbourne Trams is the best tram app out there, includes generating routes between stops, available now on the app store.

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