Trackerz out soon

Ever wanted to keep track of anything. Here’s the app for you.

Tracker helps you keep track of anything you want. You can use it to keep track of how much you spend, how much you use an item, how much fuel you use.
It is great for using it to keep track of feeling up an item like a boat or motorcycle, and how much you use it.

ATO Logbook – location services

ATO Logbook opening screen

When you first run ATO Logbook, you will see this opening screen. If you want to use the app to log your drive using GPS, you need to ‘allow while using app’. GPS is required for access to your location when driving.

If you enter in the drive time and distance yourself, then you do not need, and can select ‘don’t allow’.

If you find that you do want the app to track your journey, but you didn’t select always allow, you can chance it later. Go to the settings screen > Privacy > Location Services. Then click on the logbook app, and change the settings to ‘always’.

Simply city, now with fire

IMG_3818One of the interesting aspects of the original Simcity game where the disasters that randomly affected your city. I have started with one of these more interesting ones, fire.

Fire is great, because it can spread very quickly and is devastating. Even a small fire can really affect your city if it took out some important infrastructure such as power lines or roads.

Of course, fires can easily be controlled by buying a fire departments or two.

Simple City coming along, now with city stats

IMG_3820Icon-60To run a successful city, you need to get your hands dirty. And that means city statistics. You can’t have too many, so I have made a start on the stats. We will keep historic data on stuff such as population, crime, pollution and power use.

The all important unemployment rate is there, this will affect how quickly your city will grow, as well as how happy everyone is.

You can see a few dips in the population growth, which is a bit of a worry. This was due to me testing out the fire effect, and letting it run. It didn’t take much to get out of control