The Wire real players

The Wire is possibly the greatest TV show ever written, created by David Simon. It is an amazing show, featuring a number of great actors, but also a significant number of the cast are non-actors. A few are even prominent real-life Baltimore figures.  Here are some of them:

220px-Robert_ehrlich_speaking_at_healthierUS_summit_croppedFormer Maryland Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., portrayed a Maryland state trooper. The TV episode was entitled “That’s Got His Own” and was broadcast December 3, 2006

RevFrankMReidIIIRev. Frank M. Reid III; plays himself  in the episode of The Wire, titled “Margin of Error.” It all is a prelude to powerful words coming from the pulpit of one of Baltimore’s most widely known real-life clergymen, the , pastor of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church.


EdNorrisFormer police chief, convicted felon, and radio personality Ed Norris had a recurring minor role, appearing in various episodes throughout the show’s five season run as a homicide detective of the same name. His appearances are a source of irony on the show, and he is often given dialogue bemoaning the state of the police department. In addition, Norris faced a long prison sentence for an allegation of mortgage fraud,a charge also used against Sen. Clay Davis in the series.

Virginia Delegate Rob BellVirginia Delegate Rob Bell;




Howard County Executive Ken Ulman

Howard County Executive Ken Ulman appears for six seconds on the television show “The Wire”. He plays a reporter, in the fifth and final season, he’s briefly seen in Episode 6, which aired Sunday, and Episode 7


Kurt SchmokeFormer mayor Kurt Schmoke  appeared in two 2004 episodes of the acclaimed HBO series The Wire. The episodes, entitled “Middle Ground” and “Mission Accomplished”, featured Schmoke in a bit part as a health commissioner.He acts as an advisor to the fictional mayor after a rogue police major has legalized drugs in a portion of the city.This is a reference to his own feelings on the drug war.

Little Melvin Williams“Little Melvin” Williams, a Baltimore drug lord arrested in the 1980s by an investigation that Ed Burns had been part of, had a recurring role as a deacon beginning in the third season.



Jay LandsmanJay Landsman, a longtime police officer who inspired the character of the same name, played Lieutenant Dennis Mello. The character is based on and named after a real homicide detective sergeant whom David Simon had met while researching the book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets.


GaryDAddarioBaltimore police commander Gary D’Addario served as the series technical advisor for the first two seasons and has a recurring role as prosecutor Gary DiPasquale. Simon shadowed D’Addario’s shift when researching his book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets and both D’Addario and Landsman are subjects of the book. Gary D’Addario had a recurring role as the gambling-addicted grand jury prosecutor Gary DiPasquale in The Wire.

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