Watch out, Virus outbreak attacks Australia desert

Virus outbreaks are scary things, which is one of the reasons whenever there is a movie or tv show featuring a virus outbreak, there is the inevitable world wide spread diagram. You have seen them, start with a blank world, then the virus slowly takes over as an animated colour spreads across the countries of the world. Now there are only shown for a few seconds of the movie, so you aren’t going to spend too long on it. So they always get Australia hilariously wrong. Here is the start of the out break.AustraliaVirusOutbreak1

You can see that the top right of Australia is the first to be affects. Below is a map of Australia, so you can see exactly what has been hit first.australia-map


You can see on this map that the virus outbreak hits…. nowhere. Literally, the middle of nowhere, where no one lives. Well, apart from a few aborigines. There is a few roads, maybe 1 tiny airport, no ports. Yet somehow, this is where the virus hits. Not the major population centers of Sydney or Melbourne, with about 7 million people in them combined.AustraliaVirusOutbreak2



The next show shows where the virus continues to spread, with the center of Australia mostly affects. Yup, the desert seems to have most of the problems with this virus. Once again, none of the major populations centers, nor Adelaide, Perth are affected. Possibly it has crept into Brisbane.





This final image we see most of the land of Australia affected, but still most of the people not affected.

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