Monthly Archives: April 2012

App has been submitted

Just submitted the first version of the app to the app store, should take about a week for Apple to review it. I have a number of changes that I want to do, so look for another release very quickly. Will keep you guys posted when it comes out!

Submitted the app to the app store

Have the first version out, and just submitted it to the app store. Now we play the waiting game, and hope that Apple see enough value in this rough version.

Already started working on the next version, and have a lot of improvements planned.

Created the Icon

Here is the icon for Remove Whiteboard, what do you think? It is not east to encapsulate that RW is all about, but hopefully the font looks enough like whiteboard text.

Don’t miss the Globe free day

Once a year, on the Sunday closest to Shakespeare’s free day, the Globe has a free open day. Lots of fun, and a great way to get in and see some short plays or sonnets.

You also get free entry into the Shakespear’s Museum, and they will have some great food and drink on offer. A nice chance to try some Pimms and a Globe burger.

Shakespeare was born on 23 April, 1564, and this years free days was on Sunday, 22nd April 2012.

Easyjet ripping off National Express customers

Easyjet have been selling National Express tickets from the London Airports to the City for quite a while now. But since National Express have introduced their £8 deals per trip, Easyjet have been ripping off customers by charging them £10. They got me yesterday when flying back from Nice. Instead of buying the ticket on the plane, wait until you get to the bust stop, and get it from one of the friendly National Express people.

Oh no, I have to stay in Cannes

I ended up missing my flight from Cannes, back to London. It means I had to stay in beautiful sunny Cannes, rather than flying back to the rain and clouds. Fortunately I had met a friendly girl that let me crash with her. Thanks Florence, you saved me.

I also got to see a lot more of MIPtv, a huge TV event, where all the TV show produces come to sell their shows and channels to all the TV Channels around the world. Being a speaker at MIPCube, meant I got special entry to all the events as well.

Somehow on this trip I manages to lose my glasses on the yacht we were staying on, lost my iPhone at the beach at 2am, and my HTC android decided to stop working as well. I think it missed my iPhone.