Monthly Archives: May 2012

Version 1.1 is out now, with lots of improvements


– a new control bar, which can be moved to the bottom or top of the screen.
– new text function lets you enter text of any color on the screen.
– clear screen function lets you clear the screen, to any color.
– hide button bar, for more screen space
– on screen controls hide when drawing, so you can draw using the entire screen
– better slideshow controls

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see, or any problems, please get in touch.

You can get the new version here:

new business card

I have created a new business card design for my new app, Remote Whiteboard, and here it is. Had to redo the logo, since it did not look good at such a high resolution.

Submitted the next update to Apple

I have submitted the next update to Apple, v1.1, here is a sneak peak. Consists or a redesigned UI, which makes it much easier to get access to all the functions. Plus you can now add text to documents, the UI hides when drawing do you can use the entire screen, you can clear the screen at any time, and much more.

The next update will feature an updated slide management scheme, as well as iPhone support.

The Future

What will we be seeing in the future?

– redesigned interface
– more options to draw with
– better slide support

And in the far future?

– improve collaboration element so multiple users can draw on the screen, edit content
– video
– audio