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Brilliant crash sensor from ICEdot

Take a spill? The ICEdot sensor will take note of the impact and start a countdown on its companion app. If you do not stop the timer before it reaches zero, ICEdot will notify emergency contacts with the user’s last known GPS location and data on the severity of the accident.

Smartphone augmented safety will set you back about $200 when it launches next year.

Check out ICEdot here

Montmarte Painters Square

Montmartre is so much more than Sacre-Coeur, don’t forget to check out the artists square just to the left. You can see real painters creating masterpieces, in a huge variety of styles.

But don’t be scammed here. If someone starts drawing your portait before organising a price, walk away. Don’t stop, don’t let anyone stop you, just politely say noh, and walk away. Here is what happened to an unsuspecting tourist

We were strolling through Place du Tertre, ducking in and out of shops. We came out of one and a guy carrying a sketch pad approached my wife. “Please let me draw you,” he said. We kept saying no but he was persistent. “It is a tradition at Montmartre,” he answered in his finest French accent. I kept insisting that we weren’t interested in buying a sketch. “No problem if you don’t like,” was his answer. Okay, fine, sketch away.

Paris is a wonderful place, but there are lots of scams and scammers. If you ever feel like you are in a dodgy situation, just walk away.

Augmented Reality Tutorials and Samples

Looking at getting into providing Augmented reality on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Then here are a few places to start. There is a great sample project iPhoen AR Kit at github as well as Mixare open source AR browser at github. Here is another sample project. Here is a tutorial Augmented reality on the iPhone using NyARToolkit. And another example here aimed at iOs 4.0.

Here is a great tutorial for writing a game using augmented reality.

The WWDC video “Session 409 – Using the Camera with AV Foundation” along with the sample code from that session is a great resource (registered iPhone devs can download all the WWDC videos and sample code from iTunes by clicking here:

Free wifi in Paris

The Paris council has setup free wifi in lots of locations and parks around Paris. You can see the list below, and here is the not so clear instructions on how to use them.

1. Turn on your laptop, PDA or mobile and select the ORANGE Wi-Fi network

2. Open your usual Internet browser and enter any website address. You will be automatically redirected to the access portal.
Once you are on the service home page, click on “SELECT YOUR PASS”

3. Then complete the form, accept the general terms of use for the service by ticking the box and log on.

4. The home page of the Paris Wi-Fi access portal will reload. An internet connection confirmation message will appear, together with the remaining session time. Please leave this window open, as it tells you the remaining connection time. Each session lasts 2 hours. You can reconnect without any special conditions by repeating this connection process.

Premiership Football: I love getting emails like this

Paul has sent me a couple of emails like this:


Thanks for the latest updates, 8th September.
Really good.

I really like the league tables and the news stories along the bottom is a great idea – but I like how keeping with the rest of the app it’s a “take it or leave it” feature, you can easily hide it so it doesn’t get in the way of the main feature of the app.

I did find that when looking at League One fixtures, the league table that came up was for the premiership.

Thanks for your hard work in improving this app I find it great for a quick reference for forthcoming fixtures.

Just a couple of suggestions – (1) Kick-off times would be useful but I appreciate these are often changed late on due to TV coverage/police advice/etc and (2) League Two would still be nice (but not essential) for completeness.



And it makes it all worthwhile. My English Premier League Football calendar is not a big earner for me, but I like working on it because the fans are passionate. So I added in all of Paul’s suggestions.