Monthly Archives: October 2012

Cheapest beer in Paris

The cheapest beer in Paris is at the Hideout bar in Chatelet, with €2.90 pints of beer. ALL NIGHT LONG. There are plenty of quieter bars around with great happy hour specials, but this place is always packed, has a dancefloor downstairs, and cheap beers.


46 rue des Lombards, 75001

Two types of roundabouts in France

Just to make things interesting, the Gouvernement Français decided it wanted two types of roundabouts. So you have you standard roundabout, where you give way to the left, and a different type. A roundabout with giveway lines on each entrance, so you have to giveway to oncoming traffic. These look like this:

Notice the giveway lines on the upper right and lower left. This means you give way to oncoming traffic, and just wait in the middle of the road.