Monthly Archives: January 2013

The best way to secure your wifi

MAC restriction doesn’t really add anything security-wise either. A network sniffer can easily see the MAC addresses of devices connected to a network, and MAC addresses are very easily spoofed.

Really, the only sure way of protecting your access point against intrusion is WPA2 with a (very) strong password. Given that you don’t have to enter this often, it should be as long and complex as possible, certainly over 15 characters of mixed lower/uppercase, numbers, symbols, etc.

If you are really paranoid, you could set up WPA-Enterprise (WPA-802.1X mode) which will prevent dictionary attacks against the key passphrase.



Experimenting with textures

So I have a few ideas for word games, and have been coding them up. To differentiate between the very different game play, I have been experimenting with different textures for the keys. Here is the original plain option, a white center with a stroke, meant to imitate old style keyboards.
I saw a nice wood texture, so I began experimenting with that as well, and it did not turn out so bad. So there is a new game coming out with those letters.
The highlighted blue doesn’t work so well. I also made a wood icon that looks awful. Then I wanted to go metal, which seems the logical extension, but have not found a good metal texture. This is what I have come up with instead.What do you think?

New game coming out soon, Order HD

A fun new game, where you need to remove tiles by selecting the numbers in order is coming out soon. A great little game to test your mind and your maths skills. As you would expect, as the game goes on, it gets harder.

It features a fun new animated background I came up with as well. The image does not do it justice, I guess you will have to play the game to see it in action.