Monthly Archives: January 2013

C’est chaud! Bushfires in Australia

As it hits -2°c here in Paris, it got pretty hot in Australia, in some places 48.5°c, as well as raging bushfires that can be seen from the International Space Station.It has been so hot, that the Australian Metrological department has to add an extra color to their heat chart.

Time for a holiday, maybe some sun?

It reached 1° Celsius today in Paris, I had to wear gloves and a tshirt for my run. Damn it was cold. The area I usually go running just next to the Seine river is still flooded, though this is a season event. Time for a holiday I think, somewhere warm, maybe Seychelles:

The good news is I did finish my Paris Metro HD app for the iPad and people heading to Paris. I uploaded it to the store this morning, and it will be free. I think I will add in the route finder part in the next version, but you may have to pay for it.

Any feedback, please get in touch.

Also I just learnt to type the degree symbol ° is option+shift+8.

iPhone icon information

You can make four icons (as of today) for your app and they can all have a different look – not necessarily based on the 512×512 image.

  • corner radius for the 512×512 icon = 80 (iTunesArtwork)
  • corner radius for the 114×114 icon = 18 (iPhone/iPod touch (Retina))
  • corner radius for the 72×72 icon = 11 (iPad)
  • corner radius for the 57×57 icon = 9 (iPhone/iPod touch)

If you do create a set of custom icons, you can set the UIPrerenderedIcon option to true in your info.plist file and it will not do any of the gloss or corner rounding for you but it will place a black background under it with these corner radii so if the corner radius on any of the icons is greater then it will show black around the edges/corners.

Thanks for the poster on stackoverflow.