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Paris Markets

Paris has a number of big markets, spread throughout the city. There is a huge flea market in St Ouen, in arrondissement 17. This market is very big, spread over a number of streets, with a huge variety of stuff.

From the finest leather garments and clothes, to new shoes, to vintage good of all sorts. It even includes a section under the bridge where anyone can and will throw some second hand stuff onto the ground.

These are fascinating areas full of hard to find treasure and trash as well.


Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known by his stage name Molière, was a French playwright and actor who is considered to be one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature. Among Molière’s best-known works are Le Misanthrope (The Misanthrope), L’École des Femmes (The School for Wives), Tartuffe ou L’Imposteur (Tartuffe or the Imposter), L’Avare (The Miser), Le Malade Imaginaire (The Imaginary Invalid), and Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (The Bourgeois Gentleman).