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Game of Thrones summary

This is great. STOLEN FROM 4CHAN!
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this is edward son john shaw he is a bastard but its okay because he is a nice person too especially when he goes to join the knights wall to protect the world

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this is tyrone lamisters he is a very small person and is also very witty and likes books he also likes whores but he’s also a nice person even though hes mean to some people. his sister is the queen of the kingdoms so he is very important to the stories

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this is marbery typhoon she is very pretty but her dresses look sort of silly when she wears them sometimes

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this is darla starch shes a girl but likes to play with sharp swords and wants to go on cool adventures. she used to have a dog but it had to run away

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this is stanley barton he is the brother of the king and feels sad alot because other people don’t like him much they say hes boring and not fun

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this is randy barton he wants to be king like his brother and is a really friendly person. people think its funny he doesn’t hang out with his wife very much even tho shes really pretty looking

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this is melly sanders she is a pretty lady who likes to wear red dresses alot and she wants people to know about her religions r’holla. she is also really nice to stanley barton

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this is jimy lamisters he is a night that keeps the king safe. hes also the brother of the queen and really likes her alot

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this is vars he is a really smart person and likes little birds. i feel bad for him sometimes because some bad people hurt his private parts when he was little

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this is kelly c she is the true hair to the thrones. she really likes her people and also has some dragons

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this is sersee lamisters she is the queen of the kingdoms but even tho she’s really pretty shes not nice

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this is carl drogo he is a really scary guy and hurts lots of people but hes also really nice to kelly c. hes really good at riding on a horse

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this is jeffrey barton he is the prince of the kingdoms but he’s not a nice prince he likes to act really mean to people especially if there girls

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this is cereal forall hes really good at fighting with swords and teaches darla lots of cool things

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this is salsa starch shes a really sweet person but people keep being mean to her especially jeffrey and sersee :(

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this is gondry hes a strong guy and likes to make neat helmets. he doesnt know it but hes the kings son which is pretty cool

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this is brahms he likes to hurt people for money which is really mean but hes friends with tyrone even tho tyrone is small so that makes him kind of nice

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this is leon grayboat he tries to act tough and mean but deep down hes really sad that his dad doesnt like him
his family logo is an octopus tho which is really neat

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this is robbie starch hes got lots of honors just like his dad and he wants to be a good leader somedays

New York City Citi Bikes are now available.

New York City has launched the first phase of its bikeshare programme 10 months after it was scheduled to start.

The scheme placed 6,000 bikes at 333 stations in the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

It is supposed to grow to 10,000 “Citi bikes” at 600 stations and could become one of the largest of its kind.

And we have a new app coming out to help you find your station, and keep track of your time. We have just submitted it to Apple, and are waiting for them to approve it. Check back here in a few days.

And always remember its “a flat 40-40-40 flip flop and flap fee”.

The Day Guide is out now

Our latest Guide, the guide to your day is out now. Unlike every other guy out there, this guide makes suggestions on what to do today. We pull in huge amount of information from around the web to present suggestions to you.

Not sure what to do today?
Somewhere new and looking for something to do?
Looking for cool places around you?
Interesting events that are coming up?

This is the guide of you, everything you could want all in one guide.

“The day guide is your guide to what to do today. We will show you what is cool to check out near you, events that are coming up, cool stories about places near you from wikipedia, and images from Flickr, and more.

No matter where you are in the world, we will find cool stuff for you to do, so this makes a great travel companion as well.”

Manually managing mp3, books or movies on your iPad or iPhone

I have often got stuck when adding new books or movies to iTunes. I would hunt around, trying to find the magic button which lets me add in files manually, which is how I prefer manage it.

The button I am looking for, but often forget what it is called is “on this iPad”. Which is fine when I see it, but often this button gets hidden if the iTunes window is too small. There is no menu option that I could find, and no other way to get to the manual addition of files. To this right you can see what the screen looks like if the window is too small. No message, no indication that there are more buttons, nothing. This is minimization, Apple style.

The fix is just make the width of the screen a bit longer.

Some things are clear, for example crunchy peanut butter over smooth peanut butter (peanut butter without peanuts, why?), cycling over running (although I do run a lot these days), some things however are not so clear. Like checking to see it an NSObject is empty. That is why I used this little ditty:

static inline BOOL isEmpty(id thing) {
return thing == nil
|| [thing isKindOfClass:[NSNull class]]
|| ([thing respondsToSelector:@selector(length)]
&& [(NSData *)thing length] == 0)
|| ([thing respondsToSelector:@selector(count)]
&& [(NSArray *)thing count] == 0);

How to use the UITextField

This is what I commonly use as a search bar in my apps, it looks nicely, fits on the iPad screen (portrait), and works really well.

    searchLabel=[[[UITextField alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(50, 110, 648, 40)] autorelease];
searchLabel.textColor = [UIColor blackColor];
[searchLabel addTarget:self action:@selector(textFieldDidChange:) forControlEvents:UIControlEventEditingChanged];
[searchLabel setFont: [UIFont fontWithName:@”Helvetica” size:26]];
[self.view addSubview:searchLabel];

Whenever a key is pressed, -(void)textFieldDidChange:(id)sel is called, so I can respond straight away. The iPad and iPhone is fast enough to search through 1000s of entries and display them instantly. The clearButtonMode puts up an x at the end of the text field, so you can delete all the text. Sometimes you may want UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad, or some other variation, but I have commented it out here, so it goes with the default keyboard.