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Enable work lookup

These are the emails I love to get. Unfortunately I had to remove the app, because Apple did not like the name, but the app still exists, and you can get it here: ENABLE Word Lookup.

Hey there, hi there, ho there…

Can’t turn friends onto the app if I can’t find it in the app store; so What’s the Search Name of this app in the App Store?? Thanks!!

ENABLE word lookup – Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon

ENABLE word lookup – Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon

This is a word lookup app for the ENABLE dictionary. Just type in the word you are concerned about, and the app will tell you if it is acceptable.

Our list is based on the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon (ENABLE), a public domain list used by many word games.

We had to rename this app, but it is still available on the app store.

Awful Rhone Express, Lyon Airport

AwfulLyonRhoneExpressThere are cheap train tickets, but make sure you check the destination train station. We recently booked cheap tickets from Paris to Lyon, the only problem is that the train leaves from Gare de Marne-la-Valle, which is about 1 hour out of Paris on the A Train, and about 7 euros each way. This is not too bad, but the arrival airport is the Gare de Lyon Saint-Exupery, and the only way to get to the city centre, is on the Rhone Express, the most expensive transport from any Airport in Europe, and in the world as far as I know. There is no other way, no buses or regular trains, taxis are worthwhile if you have more than 3 people, or you can try hitchhiking. Tickets on the Rhone express are about 25 Euros return, ridiculous.

So on top of actually costing more, you have to make sure you make 3 different connections, which means being early for each one, and the entire journey taking an extra 2 hours, each way, and an extra 40 euros.

Lyon Water Park

In Lyon, they have a great water park right next to the river Saône. One of the things they do a lot better than Paris is they really use the river system, they have a lot of bars and floating boats setup along the river.LyonPoolonSonne


Located in Paris’ 14th arrondissement, the 15-hectare (37 acre) Parc Montsouris was created by landscape architect Adolphe Alphand, as part of the city’s transformation by Baron Haussmann, a French civic planner of the 19th century.
Situated at the southern edge of Paris, the park is a romantic park in English style, much like Alphand’s Parc des Buttes-Chaumont at the north side of Paris, albeit this one is less spectacular.

The second largest park in Paris proper is a lovely open green space that is suitable for walking, jogging, or just relaxing in the sun. There is also a small lake with its own tiny island, and it attracts a variety of migratory birds and is a great bird-watching location.

ParcMontsouris2ParisFranceParc Montsouris is also very much a place to enjoy great displays of public art. Sculptures date as far back as the mid 1800s, with the most recent being crafted in 1960. Most are done in either bronze or marble and are strategically.

Oddly, a train track cuts right through the park. However, this is hardly noticeable thanks to Alphonse Alphand, who created a sunken trackway lined with pine trees. Two bridges connect either side of the park. Thanks to the presence of the track Parc Montsouris is easily reached by train as the Cité Universitaire stop of the RER train is literally located inside the park.

The Suburbs – Les Banlieue

1) Rueil Malmaison – visit the town – about a 15 min. walk from the RER train station , and visit the Malmaison – where Napoleon and Josephine lived and where Josephine almost bankrupted Napoleon doing the place up whilst he was away fighting his wars . Rueil has a very good Saturday market . During the summer holidays some of the shops are closed down for their annual summer holiday – they take turns over July , August , September . The Seine , Ile des Impressionnistes and restaurants are close to the station – in the opposite direction to the town – on the other side of the village .

2) St. Germain-en-Laye . It’s an expensive area and is a dormitory area for Paris Central . It has a Museum and Parc and shops . It is also a good place to go in the evening – good restaurants etc. .

3) The suburbs to the SW – Versailles etc. – and the NW .

The French have a good work life balance so there are always plenty of things to see and do . Check on the local websites for information .

New version of our Factbook is now up

iOS Simulator Screen shot 07.07.2013 8.25.12 AMWith lots more details than ever before. You can get it by clicking on World Factbook HD.

The new version included even more information, including a map, information on health, birth and death rates, as well as infrastructure and mobile and internet users.

So much information in one app, all stored on your device, so no internet access is required. Information like:

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and the fifth-largest city in Australia. Adelaide has an estimated population of more than 1.2 million. The demonym “Adelaidean” is used in reference to the city and its residents. Adelaide is located north of the Fleurieu Peninsula, on the Adelaide Plains between the Gulf St Vincent and the low-lying Mount Lofty Ranges which surround the city.

Tour de France final

So the amazing Tour de France final occured today, 21st July 2013, with the final race from Versailles to Paris, and a 8 loop course around the Champs Elysees and the Jardin des Tuileries. An amazing event to see.TourdeFranceFinalParisTourdeFrance2FinalParis