Monthly Archives: October 2013

Our latest productivity app is out

ganttIcon72@2xOur latest GanttProjectSiPadAppapp to improve your productivity and project management is finally out, Gantt Project makes it easier than ever to produce Gantt charts and measure the flow of your produce. You can download the app here, Gantt Project on the app store for your iPad.

With the release of v1.0, you will get the next version with many improvements for free. V1.1 will include a way to send projects between users, and email the chart themselves. If there is anything else you would like to see in the app, then just get in touch with us via a comment below, or email us at email support.

Problems developing for Android

The main dev language for Android is Java, and this has caused a number of the following issues, but some are just design choices made by Google.

When handling multitouch instead of simply having the ability for multiple views to get touch events at the same time, OR pasing a touch array in the touch event, Google chose instead to handle it via a bitflag and pointer ID’s.

Fragments are a powerful idea, however they require devs once again to go in and modify all their code and put it into a Fragment (ok it is pretty straightforward to change an activity into a fragment at least) – and THEN you have to use the FragmentManager. Basically, what should have been an easy thing to do was now a pain in the ass.

Adapters can be great, however they are problematic in that you really cannot get a separation between your view and your “presentation” layer because adapters require a context, and require you to inflate your layout.


Gantt charts

Gantt charts are a great way of keeping on top of tasks in a large project. Certainly project management methodologies require them, so we have created a very easy to use app to create them. This is what it looks like:iOS Simulator Screen shot 06.10.2013 10.24.18 AM

You simple set the task name, time to complete task, choose a colour, add in the prerequisite tasks, and away you go. Then you can set how complete the task is, and we will calculate how complete the entire project is.

The complete gantt chatt looks great, and is easy to follow.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 06.10.2013 10.24.12 AM