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New version of Melbourne Trams out, for your iPad as well

IMG_0469Yes, get our latest version for free if you are upgrading, of 79c if you haven’t bought it yet, and it will work on your iPad and iPhone.

Designed to make full use of your iPad screen, this is the first melbourne transport app that fully supports the iPad.

Don’t wait for the extra improvements coming soon, get it right now.

Melbourne Trams for your iPhone and iPad.

Best dumplings in Melbourne

ShanghaiStreetDumplingsMelbourneFor our money, Shanghai street has the best dumplings in Melbourne, and the best hot and sour soup as well. This place beats Huton, the perennial favourite. And you actually get a good deal. There are 3 locations in the city, two on Little Bourke St, and one on La Trobe Street. You will find it easily, there is always a line up if you go around dinner time.

Ford hackathon

FordHackathonMelbourneOne of the nicer hackathons I have been to, although not hack the boat yacht in Cannes nice, was on the weekend.

Was a lot of fun, met some great people, and managed to integrate 3 of my apps into ford SYNC applink, and tested on the TDK hardware.

Now I need to get access to publish my apps.

The Wire real players

The Wire is possibly the greatest TV show ever written, created by David Simon. It is an amazing show, featuring a number of great actors, but also a significant number of the cast are non-actors. A few are even prominent real-life Baltimore figures.  Here are some of them:

220px-Robert_ehrlich_speaking_at_healthierUS_summit_croppedFormer Maryland Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., portrayed a Maryland state trooper. The TV episode was entitled “That’s Got His Own” and was broadcast December 3, 2006

RevFrankMReidIIIRev. Frank M. Reid III; plays himself  in the episode of The Wire, titled “Margin of Error.” It all is a prelude to powerful words coming from the pulpit of one of Baltimore’s most widely known real-life clergymen, the , pastor of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church.


EdNorrisFormer police chief, convicted felon, and radio personality Ed Norris had a recurring minor role, appearing in various episodes throughout the show’s five season run as a homicide detective of the same name. His appearances are a source of irony on the show, and he is often given dialogue bemoaning the state of the police department. In addition, Norris faced a long prison sentence for an allegation of mortgage fraud,a charge also used against Sen. Clay Davis in the series.

Virginia Delegate Rob BellVirginia Delegate Rob Bell;




Howard County Executive Ken Ulman

Howard County Executive Ken Ulman appears for six seconds on the television show “The Wire”. He plays a reporter, in the fifth and final season, he’s briefly seen in Episode 6, which aired Sunday, and Episode 7


Kurt SchmokeFormer mayor Kurt Schmoke  appeared in two 2004 episodes of the acclaimed HBO series The Wire. The episodes, entitled “Middle Ground” and “Mission Accomplished”, featured Schmoke in a bit part as a health commissioner.He acts as an advisor to the fictional mayor after a rogue police major has legalized drugs in a portion of the city.This is a reference to his own feelings on the drug war.

Little Melvin Williams“Little Melvin” Williams, a Baltimore drug lord arrested in the 1980s by an investigation that Ed Burns had been part of, had a recurring role as a deacon beginning in the third season.



Jay LandsmanJay Landsman, a longtime police officer who inspired the character of the same name, played Lieutenant Dennis Mello. The character is based on and named after a real homicide detective sergeant whom David Simon had met while researching the book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets.


GaryDAddarioBaltimore police commander Gary D’Addario served as the series technical advisor for the first two seasons and has a recurring role as prosecutor Gary DiPasquale. Simon shadowed D’Addario’s shift when researching his book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets and both D’Addario and Landsman are subjects of the book. Gary D’Addario had a recurring role as the gambling-addicted grand jury prosecutor Gary DiPasquale in The Wire.

Great Melbourne Restaurants

When in town, try to get to as many of these as you can:

Smash burger @ Rockwell & Sons
Vue De Monde Level 55 of the Rialto Tower if your budget permits it.
Nobu at Crown is quite nice, overlooks the Yarra River.
Chin Chin and Gill’s Diner
Hutong in the CBD is way better than the cheap student oriented dumplings you find on little burke street.
Laksa King in Newmarket.
Addis Abebba, african food in footscray
The Moroccan Soup Bar on St Georges Road.