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Racing Construction Set

Something I have been working on over the last day is a way to create tracks on your iPad. We have a number of racing games coming out and already out is Mayhem Tanks. We also have a F1 Racing, a destruction derby game, and a light cycle game all coming out when itunes connect open back. But to add even more value to our games, I have begun working on a way to construct tracks. Right now, you click on the empty blocks to create roads, but soon you will be able to add trees, buildings, obstructions and a lot more. Also you can pick the environment, and it will fill in the rest.RacingConstructionSet The graphics are very rough at the moment, but will be improved upon!

Mayhem tanks – first 8 player game on the iPad

IMG_0513They said it couldn’t be done (someone surely did), but we did it. 8 players on one iPad, yup,  it is possible, it is fun, and it is mayhem.

Mayhem Tanks is the first game out we have, featuring our fantastic new, patent pending technology that lets you get the most our of your iPad.

We have more games coming soon, including a Formula one racing game, a Light cycle Tron game, and Destruction derby game, all waiting for the iTunes Connect store to reopen.

In the meantime, download Mayhem Tanks right now, and start having the most fun with your 7 friends.

Racing game from scratch, part two

IMG_0493Second day we made quite a lot of progress, we now have 6 different tracks, we had working collisions, but had to remove it.

One of the problems I was facing is that each loop was taking far too long. To detect if the car is on the track, we convert the background image to a data object, then check the colour at the position of the car. I was using a method I had written before, isWallPixel which takes the image and the coordinates and returns the color. The problem is, each time this is called it converts the image to a data object, so this was happening 80 times a second, and slowing it down. Once I figured this out, I move the convert image to data code to be called once, when the view starts. This fixed all my loop overrun problems, and the game is very smooth.

Today, I will add music, sounds effects, a pause screen and the winners screen. Once done I can publish the app to the app store. It feels great to get the app out there.

Next, I want to add more players, maybe up to 8, add pickups on the screen, put back in collision detection, and improve the tracks.

New game – 2d top down racing

So I was chatting to some chaps yesterday about some mini game they wanted written, and one of them needed a new control I hadn’t seen done before. That got me thinking about the steering wheel control, and how it would be a great way to control a car. What I managed to develop yesterday is a steering wheel controlling a car, when you push it it accelerates, when you let go it decelerates. When it is on the track it goes top speed, when of the track it goes half speed (this is done by detecting the pixel color under the car). And added a second car and wheel at the top of the screen, so you can play two player.

Then I created a track. Here is what we have so far.2pRacinggameIpad

Funny things to prank your Apple coworkers with

Type these in to the terminal for some laughs.

WORDS=(‘please help me’ ‘i am so alone’ ‘i am lonely’ ‘pssssst’ ‘hello’ ‘hey, listen.’); while [ 1 = 1 ]; do say “${WORDS[$[ $[ RANDOM % ${#WORDS[@]} ]]]}” -v Whisper; sleep 300; done

It will say something random from the words array every five minutes in a whispering voice.

cat /usr/share/dict/words | perl -e 'print join("", sort { rand(1) <=> 0.5 } <>);' | say -v "Pipe Organ"

This one if quite freaky as well, random words sang to you.

Melbourne Trams: got an email from olgasiPad2

Tram 19Only shows route / times to Coburg.I want city times and trams. No option to change this.
Now here is a problem with how melbourne trams are set up. Most people might think of tram stop 56 as one stop, when it is actually 2 stops, one going to somewhere, and one coming from the same place. This is how melbourne trams are set up, very different to train stations. And when you check the time for  the nearest number 19 stop, it may only support lines going to North Coburg. You need to find the next nearest one, and sometimes the 2nd next nearest one to find the stop going to the city.

Melbourne Trams is the best tram app out there, includes generating routes between stops, available now on the app store.

Elysium still using x86 protected mode processors

Elysium is a 2013 American science fiction action-thrille, set in 2154, over 144 years in the future. It is good to see they are still using intel based x86 machines with protected mode processors well into the future. This is some scenes from the head of operations for one of the companies, good to see he gets his hands dirty himself.ElysiumProgrammer3ElysiumProgrammer2