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Cops cars, rivers and traffic

YouDontWantCopsWeGotCopsTaxiChallenger2So we have a whole range of new features in our Taxi Challenge app. WE have added rivers to the terrain, which really helps break up the city, and looks quite good as well.

You can see the great river graphics we have, it looks even better in the full version.

AYouDontWantCopsWeGotCopsTaxiChallenger1s you can see from the images, you can see the cop cars as well. Very impressive. They are cracking down on taxies at the moment, so when they are around obey the rules. Don’t drive too fast, and stay on the road.

You don’t want a fine to eat into all that money you have earnt.

We have also added some extra traffic cars, a lot of traffic, as you can see from these images. And you want to avoid the traffic, just in real life, they will slow you down. If you hit a car, it will hurt.

There aren’t always this many cars all at once, this is just so we could test it. But they will be there.YouWantTrafficWeGotTrafficTaxiChallenger1

You can get Taxi Challenge HD on the app store right now

Taxi Challenge Pro new screens

TaxiChallengeProNewSCreensSo two of the big things we have coming out very soon are much improved city graphics, and a huge new city.

In that last version, houses sort of just floated near roads, now they are connected by driveways. All houses and buildings look better because they have paths around them as well.

And we have designed a huge city, 6000px x 6000px wide. No, you don’t really want a journey from one side of this city to the other, because it would take all day, so we had to adjust how far your ride will go. Also, we had to adjust he map to display all this info.

Get Taxi Challenge Pro out now on the app store.

Taxi Challenge Pro coming to your screens

TaxiChallengeScreenshot1Probably the most complete Taxi game is coming to your iPad, very soon. We have submitted v1 to Apple, and we are just waiting to get it approved. This very cool taxi management game pits you against 4 competitors to become the best taxi company in the world. Not only are you in a do or die struggle to pick up passengers and get them to their destinations quickest, but you also must out manage your rivals.

TaxiChallengeScreenshot2In this sophisticated game, you can upgrade your car, buy new cars, and sabotage your rivals as well. But watch out, they are after you too!

Ebay making it harder and harder to do business

Ebay is slowly transforming from a good place for experts to do business, into… who knows what they want to end up to. But over the last year they have made it harder and harder to contact the seller. You used to be able to contact the seller from their item page, just click on the button, and send them an email. Then it went to a faq page, where simple questions were answered, and you selected a item to send them an email. StupidEbayMessaging1

And now, you have no way of knowing how to contact a seller from their item page. You have to click on the sellers name. So on the top right of the page, here I click on australiandvd.

This takes me to the seller info page, then I click on, where I have a contact button.StupidEbayMessaging2

Click on the contact button, then you have to selectStupidEbayMessaging3 an item. Click on that, and you will usually need to enter the item id. Of course, I should have copied that over, what a fool I am. How can you expect web pages to remember where I was? That would be sensible, and the new ebay doesn’t do sensible. So now we go back to the original page, find the URL, copy the bit that has the code, come back here, and only then are we allowed to send an email to the seller.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.22.15 AMThanks ebay team!