World Guides Pro added city info

trIcon48@2xWe are constantly updating our prWorldGuidesProCities1emier World Travel Guide app, and this week we will be adding new cities feature. Cities tells you all about the major cities in each country. We have over 50,000 cities and their populations and positions in our app, already downloaded so you don’t need to waste any data in the app.

Using our new menu system, just added this year, scroll to the cities option, and will get the list of all the big cities in the world if you haven’t selected a country, or all the cities in that country if you have. To get to this menu, just press the icon in the top left of the screen, or swipe the screen from the left. We also change that top left menu icon to the flag of the country you in, just so you can see straight away which guide you are using.

Below you will see the two screens, one showing all the cities, and the next giving details about that city. Easy to use, and very informative. And no internet access is required to get this information.

WorldGuidesProCities3 WorldGuidesProCities2

















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