Cops cars, rivers and traffic

YouDontWantCopsWeGotCopsTaxiChallenger2So we have a whole range of new features in our Taxi Challenge app. WE have added rivers to the terrain, which really helps break up the city, and looks quite good as well.

You can see the great river graphics we have, it looks even better in the full version.

AYouDontWantCopsWeGotCopsTaxiChallenger1s you can see from the images, you can see the cop cars as well. Very impressive. They are cracking down on taxies at the moment, so when they are around obey the rules. Don’t drive too fast, and stay on the road.

You don’t want a fine to eat into all that money you have earnt.

We have also added some extra traffic cars, a lot of traffic, as you can see from these images. And you want to avoid the traffic, just in real life, they will slow you down. If you hit a car, it will hurt.

There aren’t always this many cars all at once, this is just so we could test it. But they will be there.YouWantTrafficWeGotTrafficTaxiChallenger1

You can get Taxi Challenge HD on the app store right now

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