Ebay making it harder and harder to do business

Ebay is slowly transforming from a good place for experts to do business, into… who knows what they want to end up to. But over the last year they have made it harder and harder to contact the seller. You used to be able to contact the seller from their item page, just click on the button, and send them an email. Then it went to a faq page, where simple questions were answered, and you selected a item to send them an email. StupidEbayMessaging1

And now, you have no way of knowing how to contact a seller from their item page. You have to click on the sellers name. So on the top right of the page, here I click on australiandvd.

This takes me to the seller info page, then I click on, where I have a contact button.StupidEbayMessaging2

Click on the contact button, then you have to selectStupidEbayMessaging3 an item. Click on that, and you will usually need to enter the item id. Of course, I should have copied that over, what a fool I am. How can you expect web pages to remember where I was? That would be sensible, and the new ebay doesn’t do sensible. So now we go back to the original page, find the URL, copy the bit that has the code, come back here, and only then are we allowed to send an email to the seller.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.22.15 AMThanks ebay team!

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