Enabling backups in ATO Logbook

One of the free services we provide to users of ATO logbook is letting users backup their data to your website. This way even if you lose your phone, you will still have access to the data you created. This is something you need to switch on. Make sure you follow all the steps in this guide, especially sending yourself a backup email!

logbook-backup1You can reach the backup screen from the menu button. Click on backups, and you will see a list of all your vehicles, and the state of their backup. Click BACKUPS ON to enable this, and we sill start uploading all your data to your website.

That is all you need to do to backup your data, but you also need to send an email so you have access to the backup data.


Click on the email button at the top left, and then enter your email address in the to: field. This will send you all the details you need to restore your backup data, and view it online.

You will see 3 buttons:


click here to import your data lets you import the backup data back to your app. This is great if you lose your device, or it gets wiped.


click here to view backups online lets you view your backed up data on our website at anytime.

download the ATO logbook app here in case you have lost the app.


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