New features of iOs7

Here are some random things things that you probably didn’t know in iOS7.

Go into landscape while in the Music app to access album view. You can pinch in or out to reveal/hide more albums.

While in Compass, tap the inside the compass to show the difference of how many degrees you are currently at to when you tapped the screen.

The tabs in Safari use the gyroscope to create a parallax-like effect when viewing all tabs.

You can open MultiTasking, Control Center and Notification Center while the Camera app is open to partially conceal the screen for some incognito snapshots.

While typing in the URL field in Safari, the .com key from iOS6 seems to have disappeared. Hold down the period key to reveal .com, .net, .ca and the other address endings.

Tap the alarm clock icon in the Reminders app to open a Schedule-like List View for your reminders.

Teach Siri how to pronounce names by saying, “Learn how to pronounce X.” You can also teach Siri how people are related to you by saying, “X is my brother/mother/etc.” This can also be done manually in Contacts>Contact name>Edit>Add related name. This wasn’t implemented in iOS7 but hey, I thought it was pretty cool.

I don’t know if this was in iOS6 but whatever. Swipe left or right on the number display in the Calculator app to backspace one number.

You can control which of your apps use Cellular Data. Go to Settings>Cellular to see a list of apps that you can turn off data usage for. Not all apps that use data are there however. To turn it off you need to use the app while data is on to retrieve or send any amount of data. This will put the app on your list and you can now turn off data usage for it. Personally, I use this to not have any apps use data, while still being able to use Siri for Music and Calling.

Tap the temperature in the Weather app to reveal the Humidity, Chance of Rain, Wind and Feels Like.

Apple Maps has an extremely accurate 3D buildings mode accessed by tapping the “3D” icon at the bottom. Slide two fingers up or down in order to change the angle of your view. Again, not sure if this was implemented before iOS7.

Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services>Frequent Locations to view a list of places that you frequently go to.

When a picture in your Photos app is selected (when the back and edit buttons at the top), you can pinch to close it. While you’re pinching, you can manipulate the size and rotation of the photo by keeping bot fingers on the screen but moving them around. You can make your photos do flips ‘n’ shit.

While choosing a wallpaper, if the area of the image that is around the Lock Screen’s time is primarily white or a light colour, the time will be in black and if the portion of the area is in any other deep colour the time will be in white.

Not sure if implemented in iOS7. In the Now Playing in the Music app, tap the song’s title or album artwork to rate the song.

You can now edit what you say to Siri by tapping on the text that it recognized.

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