Scrum Smart version 1.1

MorePersonDetailsWe have a big update coming out to Scrum Smart, to help you manage your project. Here is a guide to a few of the things you are going to see.

We have added information on what each person is involved in. Each backlog and task can be assigned to a particular person, and this will help you see what they are involved with. Since you add the person in the backlog or task section, this is very helpful in collecting all that information in one location.

MoreBacklogDetailsWe have also added a lot more information to the backlog screen. We show include a visual line on how much is left to do, and you can also see who is assigned to the backlog item. All on one page. And if you scroll down, you will see a breakdown on how many days each backlog item will take.

It is now even easier to see how well you are doing in completing the project, as well as how much each backlog item should takeMoreSpringDetails.

We have also included more info on each sprint. The sprint is the main unit of work in Agile development, and you now get a timeline on when the project started, when it will finish, and how long you are through the sprint.

The app is out now, and the update should be out in a few days. Download Scrum Smart here.

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