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Salt & Vinegar chips in France

I am glad to report that it is possible to get Salt & Vinegar chips in France. They are not easy to find, and you will not find them in anything other than large supermarkets, but it can be done. Below I have 3 packets I picked up from LeClerc supermarkets in the new Sou Ouest store in Levallois-Perret. Now as to quality, I first tried the Pomlisse Crinkle cut packet below, and they had a weird taste to them. Will not be buying again.

How to avoid the long lines at the Musee de Louvre free Sundays

There is only one way to avoid the long lines, and that is to push in. Don’t be afraid to call out someone who did push in, often a few rude French people will give it a go.

And the lines are long. Stretching all the way along one side of both courtyards, through to the West exit of the Louvre. The best time is to get there just before it opens. We got there at 9:30, and the line moved pretty fast. We had to wait about an hour.

But there is a warning sign at the beginning of the line that warns you could be waiting for 2 hours. And when we left at about 2pm, the line was still as long, just moving a lot slower.

It is a good time to see some of the more obscure art works, such as the great Dutch painters section. if you go to the Italian painters section, where you can see the Mona Lisa you will be joining most of the other people.