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Superman vs Batman

It takes a great actor to play two clearly different roles with the same outfit on. Christopher Reeve did it in this short scene in the first Superman film, by just removing his glass and standing up straight.







Compare this to another awesome scene, with Adam West in the original Batman tv series.

Here is Superman with music, which helps.


French conversations lets you practice your pronunciation as you learn.

1469987991136Using speech recognition on your device, the first app that checks your pronunciation as you learn.

French conversations lets you now only learn useful french phrases, but also practice your pronunciation.
On of the hardest parts of learning a new language, particularly french, is pronouncing the words correctly. Now you have an app that tells you the correct pronunciation, and will check yours. Using the speech recognition on your own device, it will test you.
Whenever you want it, and however often you want it. This app will never get bored or annoyed.ssx1

Out now, on the app store.




Vuber is out now

SS84You can download it from here:

Ever wanted to drive for a car share company, but don’t have a car? Fear not, we have you covered.

Share vehicle logbooks

LogbookShareVehicleWith the latest version of Logbook out, 11.21, you can now share your logbook with others. These means everyone you share with can see your entries, and add to them as well.

Just click on the vehicle, click export, then the share vehicle option appears. Email the link to anyone you want to share the vehicle.

When the click the link, it will import the details into their version of the app, and they can view and add logs.