Simple City coming along, now with city stats

IMG_3820Icon-60To run a successful city, you need to get your hands dirty. And that means city statistics. You can’t have too many, so I have made a start on the stats. We will keep historic data on stuff such as population, crime, pollution and power use.

The all important unemployment rate is there, this will affect how quickly your city will grow, as well as how happy everyone is.

You can see a few dips in the population growth, which is a bit of a worry. This was due to me testing out the fire effect, and letting it run. It didn’t take much to get out of control

Simple City is out soon

Icon-60Started work on a new game, a clone of SimcitySimpleCity300x300bb v1. This is the old 2d version, the very first version that came out on the PC. Getting the graphics and UI working was the easy bit, and you can see the progress after just a few days in this screen shot.

So far, you can build a power plant to power the city, residential, commercial and industrial zones, as well as a police station and a fire station.

You will also need roads to connect the residential to everything else, as well as power. If a location does not have residential access and power, it can not function, just like in the real world.

So far it is quite fun working on it.

Bootcamp v1.5 is out now!

IMG_1652Bootcamp lets you exercise when you want to, for however long you have.

It was created for busy workers still trying to fit exercise into their schedule.

You can create your own exercise routine, or lets us create a routine for you.

You can download it now from the app store by clicking here:

Scribble Message for the Inkathon hackathon

Scribble message is an iPad application I created for the inkathon hackathon. It turns your Wacom tablet into a message device.

Invite anyone you want to join your channel, via email, and then you can send messages to each other, by writing them with your tablet.

A great and fun new way to keep in touch.

It isn’t finished yet, but it will be on the app store soon.

PDF Collaborate for Inkathon hackathon

icon-602xPDF Collaborate is an easy way to share PDFs with other people, and work on them together using your Wacom tablet and your iPad or iPhone.

Import a PDF, share the link via email, and then you can simultaneously work on a PDF together.

Using your wacom tablet, you can draw on the PDF, and it will appear on all the screens you have shared with.

You can download PDF Collaborate from the app store right now, for 99 cents: PDF Collaborate on iTunes

TADHack winning project: Shared Shopping List

Tadhack ( was October 14th to 16th, a global telecoms hackathon. It was supposed to have an office running in Melbourne, but that was cancelled unfortunately.

When looking at the data for this hackathon, I came across the Carrefour data (


Carrefour is a supermarket in France, and they released shopping lists of their customers (all anonymised). I wanted to do something cool with this data.


The first thing I did was create a list of all the products that were in these lists. So I wrote a script to look through every item, and save it to a set, then save that set to a file. This will be the master product list, and will make it easier to store the rest of the data. Rather than storing names, I can just store the index number of that product.


Then I looped through all these lists, and convert them from their product names, to the indexes. Now comes the tricky bit.


sharedshoppinglist1I looped through each product from the master product list. Then I looked through all our shopping lists, to see if they contained that product. Then I look at all the other products in that list, and keep a track of what ones we have, and how many of each there are.

From this, I can calculate if you buy an item, the most likely items you would also buy.

I put all this in an app, that lets you create shosharedshoppinglist2pping lists, that you can share with anyone. So you and your partner can maintain a shopping list of items that you need to pick up at the end of the day.

Using this data, I can help make suggestions of what products to buy. And once you added a product, I can show you a list of product that you are also likely to want.

I hope to have this on the app store in the next few days.


PDF Collaborate available soon

icon-603xPdf Collaborate lets you share PDFs with others, and work on them together.

You can use your Wacom tablet, or your devices screen to annotate the PDF live with others.

Simple add your PDF to the app, click collaborate to invite others to view it via email, then start communicating with them.

It has never been easier to share your notes.

You can download PDF Collaborate from the app store right now, for 99 cents: PDF Collaborate on iTunes

Part of the Inkathon hackathon