Spreadly new functions – TTest and Linear Regression

We have 2 new functions for your Spreadly app. 

A regression is a statistical analysis assessing the association between two variables. It is used to find the relationship between two variables. Linear Regression Definition states that it can be measured by using lines of regression. Regression measures the amount of average relationship or mathematical relationship between two variables in terms of original units of data. Whereas, correlation measures the nature of relationship between two variables. i.e.., positive or negative or uncorrelated.

T Test is often called Student’s T test in the name of its founder “Student”. T test is used to compare two different set of values. It is generally performed on a small set of data. T test is generally applied to normal distribution which has a small set of values. This test compares the mean of two samples. T test uses means and standard deviations of two samples to make a comparison. The formula for T test is given below:

Task Kitty is out now!

Icon-76@2xTask kitty is a great new app from us that lets you create tasks, and share them with others.

You can download Task kitty from the app store right now! Just click here.

So if you are planning a trip together, working on a project together, or doing any set of tasks with other people, you can keep track of what needs to be done. Each person can also mark a task as done, and you can see when they finished it.

Exchange Tracker is out now

moneyLargeYou can download Foreign Exchange Tracker from the app store here.

This app will let multiple people keep track of their budgets when traveling overseas. You will be able to find a download link here in the future.

You can easily switch between currencies, so it doesn’t matter which countries you go to, we will convert them all for you.

But the main feature is that you can invite others to share your book as well, so you can all enter costs as you make them.

Runnit Track is out now!

Icon-76@2xWe wrote a new run and cycling tracker app, Runit Track because i hated the ones out there. If there is something it is missing, please get in touch, but it does all the basics.

IMG_1732Runit is a very easy to use, fast run and cycle tracker. And gives you complete control over the data.
No need to create an account. No ads. No cost.
And you get full access over the data, nothing is hidden from you like every other app. You can see every point recorded.
This app will record your running or cycling, once you start tracking, even if you close the app. For the reason, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Statsheet is available for free all this week.

Icon-152And it is now available for your iPhone as well! Download it from the app store here. Statsheet is your Statistics Spreadsheet, with all the statistics functions you would expect to find in an expensive stats package. Like a very sophisticated calculator, this is a great way to practise statistics, and analyse stats. These are some of the functions you will find fully supported:

AVEDEV – Find the average deviation

STDDEV – Find the standard deviation

NORMDIST – Find the normal distribution (x,mean,stddev,cumulative)

NORMSDIST – Returns the standard normal cumulative distribution function. With a mean=0, stddev=1

ZTEST – one-tailed probability-value of a z-test (array,μ0,sigma)

COMBIN – Returns the number of combinations for a given number of items. Use COMBIN to determine the total possible number of groups for a given number of items.

BINOMDIST – Returns the individual term binomial distribution probability.


CORREL – Returns the correlation coefficient of the array1 and array2 cell ranges. Use the correlation coefficient to determine the relationship between two properties.

CONFIDENCE – Returns a value that you can use to construct a confidence interval for a population mean.