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Getting to the Metro from Mexico City Airport

Getting to the Metro from Mexico City Airport is not as easy as you would think. If you are new to Mexico, get used to the fact that there are very often NO SIGNS to anything.

But it is only a 15 minute walk, out of the airport, along the airport path, then through a market, into the subway station. Here is a map showing you where you need to walk, save this to your phone. This gets you to Pantitlan Station, which includes lines 1, 5, A and 9.


And here is a satellite map of the same area.


Are you obssessed with flags

This guy has a great writeup on how much he loves flags:

Basically, I’m interested in flags and politics, so I see the EU flag displayed officially in Germany, France, and Italy (these three are particularly distinct) quite often in the news etc.

As can be seen above, Italy always uses a very heavy material for its flags, and the stars appear to be embroidered rather than printed or sewn on. This reminds me of Italian opulence and the baroque style. They are decadent, and more ornate than necessary.

In France, the flags are always perfectly neat. They hang in a flat, straight triangle. Almost always, four stars of the EU flag are visible (and they’re printed). There’s sometimes a bit of a sheen to them, but they are not glossy, and they are never translucent. Overall, I see them as characterised by simplicity, elegance, and style. Example.

German flags are (what else?) functional. They are not hung with the same care as in France, so some of the details (stars for the EU flag) can be obscured, and there are a lot of long rumples (but they’re not folded in on themselves like in France). The details are also printed, not embroidered or attached. They are very shiny, and look to me to be durable. Like the Italian ones, they will last a long time (indoors), but they also look like they could be very easily cleaned with a damp cloth, and are not overly extravagant. Example.

The US also has a very specific type of EU flag it displays. It’s not stylistic preference, it’s just objectively incorrect. The stars they put on the EU flag are far too small (as small as the ones on the US flag). It makes US-hosted press conferences look rather amateurish in my opinion. Example.


From reddit.

Daily Trip organiser

appicon-76@2xOur very latest app help you organise your daily trips when you travel around. Pick a city, the number of days you will be there, and we will suggest where you should go and what you should do.

Then you can edit each days suggestions, by adding in new must see places, or deleting them, and easily rearranging them as well.

You can have a look at our working interface below, and we have a number of changes to make to make it even better.IMG_0614

How to avoid being tutted on the London Underground

If you’re worried here are a few tips.

  • ALWAYS have your Oyster card ready when you’re approaching the barriers or we will tut
  • When the barriers open, move swiftly through, or we will tut (helps to have an irrational fear that the doors with shut on you. Gets you moving along quicker
  • If the barrier says “seek assistance” either try again or move out of the way as quickly as possible, or we will tut.
  • Don’t take forever at the machine to top up your oyster, or we will tut.

And just for some general advice

  • When you get on the platform, move down. Don’t just stand in the doorway, or we will tut.
  • when you exit a train, move quickly out the way (preferably towards the wall if you’re not sure where you should be going), or we will tut
  • Do not press the buttons on the tube or we’ll sniff you out as a non-native
  • Know your route before you get in the station. Don’t be that person standing in the way while you study the tube map. The tutting will deafen you!CloudyTowerBridgeLondonUK