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Two types of roundabouts in France

Just to make things interesting, the Gouvernement Français decided it wanted two types of roundabouts. So you have you standard roundabout, where you give way to the left, and a different type. A roundabout with giveway lines on each entrance, so you have to giveway to oncoming traffic. These look like this:

Notice the giveway lines on the upper right and lower left. This means you give way to oncoming traffic, and just wait in the middle of the road.

Free wifi in Paris

The Paris council has setup free wifi in lots of locations and parks around Paris. You can see the list below, and here is the not so clear instructions on how to use them.

1. Turn on your laptop, PDA or mobile and select the ORANGE Wi-Fi network

2. Open your usual Internet browser and enter any website address. You will be automatically redirected to the access portal.
Once you are on the service home page, click on “SELECT YOUR PASS”

3. Then complete the form, accept the general terms of use for the service by ticking the box and log on.

4. The home page of the Paris Wi-Fi access portal will reload. An internet connection confirmation message will appear, together with the remaining session time. Please leave this window open, as it tells you the remaining connection time. Each session lasts 2 hours. You can reconnect without any special conditions by repeating this connection process.

Overstaying Shengen Area?

In the Shengen Area, which covers most of Europe, you are only allowed a total of 90 days, over a 180 days. This means if you arrive on the 1st day, head off to Africa, then come back on the 179th day, you are only allowed 1 day to stay.

There are various penalties for overstaying, from a 1000 Euro fine, to a stamp in your passport banning you from the Shengen area for up to 3 years.

Here is what we know:

is it possible to overstay: yes

is it possible to get away with it unnoticed: yes

is it possible, if noticed, to get away with just a warning: yes

is it possible, if noticed, to face more severe penalties: yes

is it possible to predict whether I will get away unnoticed or with just a warning: no

There is a great discussion at the Lonely Planet forums here. A tip, ignore Aribo’s comment, he is some pathetic troll who gets of on shouting at everyone.