Town Tycoon out soon

town1Now is your change to be the tycoon of your own town, and grow it into a huge and bustling city.

You will not find it easy to balance the needs of your city, their food, electricity, jobs, transport and materials. But if you can, you will be rewarded with an ever growing city.

No ads, no in-app purchases means thisĀ one time purchase is all your will need. And you will get free updates with new buildings and units.

A fun game for everyone.town2

City 3D is out now

Icon-152I initially got into the city builder type games with Simple City, and very simple version of the game. Using 2d objects, like the very first Simcity game on the PC.

There very next version of Simcity used the isometric view, just like other games at the time, such as Civilization. I hadn’t done that before, but there were 2 big reasons to try it. It isn’t actually much harder to do, and there are so many more assets out there available to buy.

Hence City 3D was created. And now it is available for download from the app store, for only 99c. Click here to get it now.

And as with all our games, there are no ads, and no in-app purchases, so you get the entire game for this one price. And we will keep adding features.

Simply city, now with fire

IMG_3818One of the interesting aspects of the original SimcIcon-64ity game where the disasters that randomly affected your city. I have started with one of these more interesting ones, fire.

Fire is great, because it can spread very quickly and is devastating. Even a small fire can really affect your city if it took out some important infrastructure such as power lines or roads.

Of course, fires can easily be controlled by buying a fire departments or two.

Simple City coming along, now with city stats

IMG_3820Icon-60To run a successful city, you need to get your hands dirty. And that means city statistics. You can’t have too many, so I have made a start on the stats. We will keep historic data on stuff such as population, crime, pollution and power use.

The all important unemployment rate is there, this will affect how quickly your city will grow, as well as how happy everyone is.

You can see a few dips in the population growth, which is a bit of a worry. This was due to me testing out the fire effect, and letting it run. It didn’t take much to get out of control

Simple City is out soon

Icon-60Started work on a new game, a clone of SimcitySimpleCity300x300bb v1. This is the old 2d version, the very first version that came out on the PC. Getting the graphics and UI working was the easy bit, and you can see the progress after just a few days in this screen shot.

So far, you can build a power plant to power the city, residential, commercial and industrial zones, as well as a police station and a fire station.

You will also need roads to connect the residential to everything else, as well as power. If a location does not have residential access and power, it can not function, just like in the real world.

So far it is quite fun working on it.

Bootcamp v1.5 is out now!

IMG_1652Bootcamp lets you exercise when you want to, for however long you have.

It was created for busy workers still trying to fit exercise into their schedule.

You can create your own exercise routine, or lets us create a routine for you.

You can download it now from the app store by clicking here:

Scribble Message for the Inkathon hackathon

Scribble message is an iPad application I created for the inkathon hackathon. It turns your Wacom tablet into a message device.

Invite anyone you want to join your channel, via email, and then you can send messages to each other, by writing them with your tablet.

A great and fun new way to keep in touch.

It isn’t finished yet, but it will be on the app store soon.