Aqueducs d’Arcueil et de Cachan

AqueducsdArcueilParisFranceThe Arcueil aqueducts at Cachan is a set of aqueducts in the Val-de-Marne crossing at the location of a spur Valley Bièvre. These aqueducts carry the waters of three rivers: the Vanne, the Loing and Lunain, rivers in Burgundy that run more than 100 km before arriving in Paris. Two aqueducts still work and lead to the capital 145 000 m³ of water per day.

Catch the train to Accueil-Cachan station, and if you don’t see it when you get to the station, turn around. It is located in Cachan, about 10 km south of the périphérique, a city served by RER B. Or about 30 minutes ride out of Paris on the great Velib.

This is also the location of the aqueducts shown in the movie “Amelie Poulain” when she is talking to that older couple.



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