Volleyball at the London Olympics 2012

Went to see the Dominican Republic vs Russia, and the epic USA vs Brazil volleyball games yesterday. Very happy to report that everything went smoothly. took a Borris bike from Farringdon to Earl’s court, and then a bike back home. It really is the best way to get around London.

It was very quick to get through security, they had no problem with all the stuff i bought, my laptop, two phones, the cords, and some food as well. They made me empty my water out, but they had water refill stations inside. Only two, and there were long lines, but they did have them.

The two games I saw were really great to watch, very exciting. Russia made short work or the Dominican Republic, and seemed to have the edge on the height of their team. USA also made quick work of Brazil, much to the chagrin of the many Brazil supporters.

I remember quite well going to the Sydney Olympics in 2000, and it was just as thrilling to attend this London Olympics. I have one more ticket so far, to see the Basketball on Wednesday. Hopefully I can get some more, but I need to leave London on Monday, so Not sure I will have time. If you can, get to at least one game.

Just as in the Sydney Olympics, there were a few seats free up the front, so I managed to get a great view. I was lucky enough to be in the bottom section, and they do check your tickets as you come in, but you can be lucky.

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