10 things not to do in Paris

1. Don’t just cross the street, before looking both ways. There are lots of one-way streets all over Paris, so cars can come from any direction.

2. Don’t shout or talk to loudly.

3. Don’t try to be French. It’s okay to do things they won’t do.

4. Don’t think the Latin Quarter and Saint-Germain are where the action is. Buy the Pariscope for a cheap look at what there is to do. The Canal Saint-Martin is a good place to start.

5. Don’t wear a lot of makeup or dress up too much, it’s better to look casually chic.

6. Paris is an old people’s city. For a wild time, go to London, Amsterdam or Berlin.

7. In a nice restaurant or store, don’t decide too quickly and don’t ever be cowed by a waiter or salesperson. The more you care, the better they’ll treat you.

8. Don’t ever walk up to anyone and just start asking a question. Always say hello or something else first. Bonjour Monsieur! Bonjour Madame!  When you leave, say “Au voir,” not “Thank you.”

9. Don’t say Bon appetit.

10. Don’t assume trains and planes will run as scheduled if you are traveling during a French holiday, that’s the favorite time for strikes.

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