display latitude or longitude first

My next app will be a tracker, similar to a project I saw on hacker news a few weeks ago. This is a simple project, I already have the code to get your position, I use it in my Travel Guides, to see how far away you are from all the must see locations, and points of interest.

This app will be much simpler, and lets you track your movements until you ask it to stop, even when the app is closed. So this app will use iPhone multitasking, which is as easy as setting a tag in the plist file for the project.

You can see a list of the previous places you have been to, and I was wondering what is the convention for displaying your GPS location. The correct way to display your location is to put the latitude (North or South) first, and the longitude (East or West) second.

One thought on “display latitude or longitude first

  1. Roger


    Quite interested in your product, I was wondering if we cant talk sometime when you are back from your trip.

    My skipe is roger.fairest

    I am based in Spain.




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