Organising a Phone SIM with data while traveling in the USA

Great article about traveling to the US and organising a phone + data, click here to read at SMH. Below are the highlights:

If you’re making travel arrangements, the most important thing is not to leave your telco issues until the last minute. The first step is to ensure your phone, tablet or wifi hotspot is unlocked

Start thinking about this a month before the trip

AT&T changed the GoPhone plans in April and data packs aren’t available for $2 per day plans. If you’re on a $25 or $50 GoPhone pre-paid plan you can buy $5 (50MB), $15 (200MB) or $25 (1GB) data packs. The $50 plan supposedly comes with unlimited data but it can’t be used with smartphones so you still need to buy a separate data pack

Phone plans change all the time, and they are deliberately complicated to make it hard to compare plans.

For Tru SIM it’s 35 cents per MB, which works out at $70 for 200MB. The Tru SIM costs $30 and comes with $15 worth of credit. You can order a Tru SIM online but it takes three to five working days to arrive (although they will deliver to your US hotel).

Seems like Tru SIM might be the best option for data.

Alternatively TravelSIM costs $50 and comes with $5 worth of credit. Unfortunately the US data rate is a steep $1 per MB, which isn’t as attractive as the others. TravelSIM’s local PR team tells me you can select whether you are connected to the AT&T or T-Mobile network and “T-Mobile does have 3G, though it isn’t 100 per cent 3G”

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