Great article about Samsun in South Korea

Samsung is a “chaebol” – one of the family-run conglomerates that dominate South Korean society. Almost Mafia-like in their obsessive secrecy and reach, chaebols have influence in most markets and industries in the country and wield huge political influence. They have also not been shy of using underhand methods to maintain their position. In 1997, […]

Website popularity

For some reason, this website has started to get quite popular. What started as a showcase for the iPhone apps I have written, has gotten more and more hits. This blog has helped, but also adding in all the must see locations that are featured in my apps. For the first time ever, we reached […]

In App Purchasing

Here is a great guide for setting up In-App Purchasing for developers. These are the two steps that always get me: If you don’t have a unique App ID, create one as follows: On the App IDs tab in the developer portal, select “New App ID” Fill in the following information: Display name: Pick a […]