Project Gantt 2013 now includes critical path highlighting

What is a Critical Path?

CPM is a mathematically based algorithm for scheduling a set of project activities, and is now included in Project Gantt 2013.

Using these tasks times and requirements, CPM calculates the longest path of planned activities to the end of the project, and the earliest and latest points that each activity can start and finish without making the project longer. This process determines which activities are “critical” (i.e., on the longest path) and which have “total float” (i.e., can be delayed without making the project longer).

You can see this working in the example below, with the critical tasks Reak, track3, lastly and Dev backend all highlighted as being critical.This also highlights how not just one path is identified, but also the task that uses resources that can impact other tasks is also highlighted. So here, Dev backend requires John, but track3 starting straight after it also requires John. So any delays in Dev backend will impact John, track3, and delay the project.GanttProject2013CriticalPath

As shown above, the critical path consists of the longest sequence of activities from project start to end that should be started and completed exactly as scheduled to ensure the project is completed by a certain date in the future. If jobs on the critical path slip, immediate action should be taken to get the project back on schedule. Otherwise, completion of the whole project will slip. Imagine that you have a project that will take 300 days to complete. If the first activity on the critical path is one day late, the project will take 301 days to complete, unless another activity on the critical path can be completed one day earlier. So the critical path is simply all the tasks that determine the end date in your project schedule.

Adding plist and IPA files to wordpress

Want to upload your iOS applications to your own website to distribute. First you will need to allow wordpress to accept IPA and plist files, you will need to add this to your Theme Functions file (functions.php), through the wordpress editor, or editing the php file on your webserver.

function my_myme_types($mime_types){
    $mime_types['ipa'] = 'application/octet-stream'; //Adding ipa extension
    $mime_types['plist'] = 'text/xml'; //Adding api extension
    return $mime_types;
add_filter('upload_mimes', 'my_myme_types', 1, 1);

Gantt Project 2013 fixes your resource clashing problems

GanttProject2013v2We have v1.0 coming out very soon, but in the version after that we will a new feature that highlights your clashing resources, and fixes them. We can see in the image above the red lines in the background highlighting when the clashes are, on what tasks, and the resource that is clashing. We can also see a more detailed view of both the tasks and the days that have the problems. If we click on autofix for your clashes, it will work out the best tasks to push out, and move them, and you can see the fixed project below.GanttProject2013v1

Project Gantt 2013

appicon-76We  have a new Project management app coming out very soon, called Project Gantt 2013. This is one of our best app yet, and the design is based on Microsofts own Project 2013. But this is not simply a Gantt chart, this also lets you add in resources to the Gantt chart, and measure those resources.

ProjectGantt2013cAlong the top of our app you can switch between Gantt View and Resource View. Resource view lets you add in extra resources, such as people or materials. You can set in std hourly rates, overtimes rates, and assign people to a particular task. You can then see what tasks people are working on.

ProjectGantt2013aWe have spend a lot of time improving the design as well, and we think it looks better than ever. You can also see who is working on each task, percent complete. And you can even easily move the tasks around, by dragging their names on the left.

ProjectGantt2013bYou can also get info on the entire project, by clicking on the down arrow at the top. This gives you info on how much of the project is complete, total days, and the total cost of the project so far.

Expect this app out in the next few days.