How to avoid being tutted on the London Underground

If you’re worried here are a few tips.

  • ALWAYS have your Oyster card ready when you’re approaching the barriers or we will tut
  • When the barriers open, move swiftly through, or we will tut (helps to have an irrational fear that the doors with shut on you. Gets you moving along quicker
  • If the barrier says “seek assistance” either try again or move out of the way as quickly as possible, or we will tut.
  • Don’t take forever at the machine to top up your oyster, or we will tut.

And just for some general advice

  • When you get on the platform, move down. Don’t just stand in the doorway, or we will tut.
  • when you exit a train, move quickly out the way (preferably towards the wall if you’re not sure where you should be going), or we will tut
  • Do not press the buttons on the tube or we’ll sniff you out as a non-native
  • Know your route before you get in the station. Don’t be that person standing in the way while you study the tube map. The tutting will deafen you!CloudyTowerBridgeLondonUK

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