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  • scrumLarge

    Scrum Smart

    is out, is loads of new features, to make it even easier to manage your scrum project. We love using this app, and think you will too. And the reason..
  • spreadLarge

    Spreadsheet Pro

    You can finally color the spreadsheet as you wish. Spreadsheet Pro on the app store...
  • tramsLarge

    Melbourne Trams

    Yes, get our latest version for free if you are upgrading, of 79c if you haven’t bought it yet, and it will work on your iPad and iPhone. Designed to..
  • sunLarge

    Weather Track Pro

    Our very latest weather guide is out now, weather track pro gives you detailed weather for the next 12 hours,  28 hours, and 10 days. Only for your ipad at..
  • taxiLarge

    Taxi Challenge Pro

    Probably the most complete Taxi game is coming to your iPad.  This very cool taxi management game pits you against 4 competitors to become the best taxi company in the..
  • worldLarge

    World Watch+

    Your guide to the world, lets you follow information on currencies, timezones and current weather. Get World Watch+ right now, on the iOS app store, for your iPad...
  • fileLarge

    File Store+

    Ever wondered what to do with all your files that people email you, or you find on your smartphone? Store them in File Store+, and you will always have access..
  • tripLarge

    Daily Trips

    Our very latest app help you organise your daily trips when you travel around. Pick a city, the number of days you will be there, and we will suggest where..
  • worldLarge

    Big Factbook

    We have added a lot of interesting maps to out Big Factbook. You can get our Big Factbook right now, for free. We currently have great maps for North America,..